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About us




CosmoEmporio is a trade and consulting company. We trade quality products and we provide professional business services in China. Cosmoemporio comprises pioneer activity which focuses on the commercial transactions between Greece and China.



  • We want our collaborators to be completely satisfied, which originates from the highest quality of services and from the professional way that we manage to accomplish our duties.
  • After working at the requirements and desires of the consumer in China we bent on to create a range of luxury traditional Greek products, especially for the Chinese market, by choosing the most qualified Greek products.
  • Our belief is that it’s wrong to connect China with low quality products. CosmoEmporio’s goal is to trade only quality products and change this wrong view for the Chinese market. China can give you the quality you want.




Our ambition is to support greek suppliers with Know-How of the external markets and so help them to be sustainable successful.

CosmoEmporio’s vision is to become one of the most confidant and respectable companies, as concern as the professional services. Also, the trade of “Only the best from Greece” range of products aims to upgrade all Greek products.




 Our core values define us as a corporation—and as individuals. Through the regular application of these principles, we continue to provide value to our customers, and we will consistently meet our goals.


CosmoEmporio is a new company that is going to consolidate its foundations in relations of trust and honesty between our partners. We will do the right thing each time we face a tough decision.


We are committed to providing high-quality services and products.  We meet the mutually agreed-to requirements the first time and strive for continuous improvement of our work processes.


Our belief is that our Greek and Chinese collaborators together with us compose one team which aims at the success and the profit of all. This will insure our future collaboration.

Customer Satisfaction

We are dedicated to satisfying our customers. We believe in respecting our customers, listening to their requests and understanding their expectations. We strive to exceed their expectations in affordability, quality and on-time delivery.


By getting feedback by our partners and by willing to improve continually, we learned from our failures and our successes. That gave us the ability to deal effectively with our professional obligations.

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